Thursday, April 28, 2011

more stuff and opportunities

I knew if I stayed in Detroit long enough things would start to happen, and I would be in on the action! Detroit's artistic community and spirit is alive and well! We are the perfect blank slate, where opportunities are being born out of necessity. I think for once the people may have the power, and It feels like a renaissance of sorts!

I'm super excited about the use of the huge space that has been laying vacant for way too long! The old Old Navy building on the corner of 9 mile and Woodward, is being turned into an "artist and vintage market" called The Rust Belt Market! I'm so glad the dumb facebook petition to get an H & M in that spot never happened! I voiced my negative opinion on that loud and clear.

I'll be setting up my "pop up shop" at The Rust Belt Market opening weekend May 7th and 8th, and hope to see ya'll there!!/TheRustBeltMarket

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